Two Beginner Questions For Customizing Form Blocks

Hello everyone,

I am in the process of designing a small contact form block layered on top of the Hero section image for a website, but I need a little more customization than the base element offers. I am wondering if it is possible to place a dropdown menu on one of the fields that the user can select from a list of options.

Additionally, I am wondering how you adjust a text field to input in a paragraph format. I am including a field that asks the user to describe the service they need. However, when you type, it moves horizontally and doesn’t fill the text box properly. I added some padding to the text field, but it didn’t make a difference in how the user can type into the field. When I press Enter or try to adjust the text height options, it does not change lines.

I would appreciate any help.


Hello @Electric

Yes, both these features natively exist in Webflow since they are basic HTML elements.

In the image below, ‘Select’ is the dropdown menu, and ‘Textarea’ is the paragraph format you are looking for. You can check W3C to learn more about forms

Hope this solves your problem!

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