Trying to open "twitter share" link in new mini window (rather than a new tab)


Love Webflow, thank you so much for building such a great product, this forum is always excellent for support too, so thanks!

I’m having an issue here though and I can’t find an answer elsewhere that I can figure out.

Here’s the situation:

  1. I have a news section on my website where we post fresh articles
  2. I want to add “Share” buttons for social media, particularly Twitter.
  3. If a user clicks the Share button, I want to open a new little pop-up window that they can post the tweet from. I’m trying NOT to open the link a new tab… Because then the user’s on twitter, and I’m sure I’ll lose a lot of users to Twitter once I’ve sent them there.

So I’m trying to trigger this little pop-up window.

This is where I’ve got to so far - this opens the link in a new TAB. (Not a mini pop-up window).

I’m using Custom Code to show a button (class=“tweet w-button”, with the text “Tweet” in it), this is what I’ve got:

<a href="{{PAGE URL}}&text={{TITLE}}%0A-%20via%20%40my-twitter-handle%20%23property" class="tweet w-button" target=_blank>Tweet</a>

Where you see text in curly braces, I’m using inserting CMS fields.

Any ideas any one?!

Any help would be much appreciated!