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Twitter Share Broken

Hello there,

I have Facebook and Twitter share buttons from my CMS. The Facebook link works, but the Twitter button is now. I didn’t build the site, and I’m not sure how to get it working again.

Here is a link to a live blog post. If you click the Tweet button, you will see the error.

My site’s read-only link is:

The custom code for the sharing bit currently says the following:

// adding share Facebook and Twitter linker
if(document.querySelector(’.share-facebook’)) {
document.querySelector(’.share-facebook’).href = ‘’ + window.location.href;
if(document.querySelector(’.share-tweet’)) {
document.querySelector(’.share-tweet’).href = ‘’ + document.title + ‘&url=’ + window.location.href;

Thank you for your help!

Your title has a pipe “|” which is breaking the intent post.

That worked!!

Thank you so much!

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