Trying to get some user data

As I understand it there is no real way to pull user information into the application with the built in user management. Really all I want to have a unique ID per user that I can leverage.
To get around this I thought perhaps when a user signs up I can have something added to a collection or something that I can leverage but I can’t figure that out.
I tried to have this bind to a hidden text element that I could pull the text out of. However the binding appears to happen too late.
Anybody have any other ideas?

I know one option is to move to Memberstack. I was just trying to not have to integrate another app.

I built this solution because I needed the same thing.

It’s easy to use. With it we have access to everything except the User ID, so we’ve had to manufacture a unique one that you’ll find in the User object as user_id_alt

Details here, and a link to the quick start;

Thanks for the response. Ultimately I found it easier to just work with Memberstack. Adding Memberstack adds some other benefits as well within custom JS.

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Good choice!

For anyone else reading, Memberstack allows you to add a ton of custom fields, save them to each member, and then use them down the road.

There are a ton of other features too as Joseph mentioned, here’s a full list.