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Trying to add Search to Navbar

I have the search function within the Navbar on far right, but can’t get Search Input and Search Button to be the correct sizing - plus adding the Search function [which is no taller than the Navbar] makes the Navbar almost two times taller than it was. So am trying to get a regular sized Navbar with a Search function on the right. Link: Webflow - Delight

Please don’t laugh too hard when viewing my sad attempt to work in Webflow!! About 20 years ago I made websites in pure HTML, CSS and Javascript. This is a WHOLE new world for me!! :wink:

Any help is appreciated!!

Thanks so much, Shirley

Wow!! They lied like dogs when I was signing up for Webflow!! They had such wonderful things to say about all of you – how nice you were and so ready to help others with problems and how quick to respond you all were!! HA HA!! It’s been nine days and NO ONE has bothered to reply to me!! Has anyone even looked at it?? The first time I posted this I didn’t have a read-only link to include, but even then I got some lovely responses. But this time I included the link, and NOTHING!! ZIP, ZILCH, NADA!! I am going through the University lessons again, but sometimes he does something so fast I can’t tell what exactly he did, b/c he is teaching a lesson about whatever, and it does not cross his mind that maybe just saying ‘So, let’s delete that’ is not enough to let someone know HOW to delete that!! And sometimes when he makes a casual remark like that, the camera isn’t even on the the area in which he is taking the action, but where the lesson is focused!!

I am certain that I can get this, with just a little bit of clarification, but I am not really getting the help here I was promised, and I looked into hiring a tutor, and that was almost as confusing - because once again, the terminologies are unfamiliar to me, so I don’t even know which person I should contact regarding paying someone to help me!! And God forbid they are as unresponsive as everyone in the Community Forum is b/c if I am paying someone, I expect actual help that will actually HELP me!!

I am sorry to be harsh, but this is really depressing and I am really disheartened at this point, b/c I just can’t seem to get any solid information other than go thru University again - and I have been doing that but there is still a lot that needs explaining [like in the example above about deleting something].

And I checked out some Webflow experts that have YouTube videos online, but they all seem to have their own little tips and tricks and that just confused me more!!

I know tips and tricks can be invaluable – but not right at the beginning of learning the program!! That comes later when you have learned the basics and want to refine your techniques - but it just makes it even more confusing when you know nothing about Webflow and are trying to learn the basics!!

Please could someone have a heart and look at my link in the post previous and give me your honest opinion about what I have done, where I went wrong and how to make it right?? Please??

I wouldn’t even be doing this if it were not for my dear friend whose 38 year marriage ended 6 months ago when he died of cancer - and now she is not making enough money to support herself and her tiny 1 acre farm she has back east - and not knowing this would be so hard, I told her I would make her a website so she could make the extra money she needs to survive - and I am not taking any money from her for this, just someone trying to do a friend a favor who really needs some help. My dad was very good to me and I am an only child, so I have a small amount of disposable income that I am using for this project. I am paying for Webflow myself and accepting no money from her at all. I just wish that someone here had a heart and could help me so I can accomplish this for her. She is a wonderful woman and her fantasy art that she paints is the best I have seen anywhere - and b/c of that, she deserves to have a great website where more people can find her and buy her amazing artwork. She used to go to art and wine and craft festivals all over the US, but can’t do it by herself and at her age [haven’t asked, but somewhere in her seventies] any longer, and this is the way she can continue to support herself now that her hubby has passed.

PLEASE someone help me?? Don’t you all have mothers, sisters, friends that you would want to help in this situation?? PLEASE??

Thank you so much for your time and assistance, Shirley
I am trying to copy/paste the link here, but if it doesn’t work, it is in the post directly above: Webflow - Delight

So sorry to hear you haven’t gotten the type of experience you were expecting. I know it can be frustrating, especially with something that you just need a little bit of extra help with.

This time of year can be very busy (especially for those of us working on sites for our clients) and the majority of the folks who are regularly active around here are customers like you—not employees at Webflow.

I took a minute to check out your read-only link and it looks like you only need to make a few adjustments to get this looking a bit more like how you expected it to:

  • Remove the top/bottom margin from the div block that contains your search element. This will prevent the search element from making the navigation 16px taller than it is without it.

  • It may be difficult to notice as it’s not shown as a blue label, but the search element itself (“Search 2”) has 15px of bottom margin that you can remove as well. Just like the first change, this will “collapse” the navigation bar tightly around the search element:

  • Lastly, select the text field for your search element (“Search Input”) and give it a height of 100%. This will cause it to fill the full height of the element to match the height of the search button to the right:

Those three changes should get the search bar nesting nicely within the navigation with both elements taking up the same height—without taking up extra space in the navigation bar.

If you run into issues or have any other questions, just let me know and I’d be happy to help out :+1:

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