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Trouble with styling navigation links // short deadline

For this website here:

Whenever i click on one of the menu links…
at the top…
It causes the menu to move around. I do not know why. It is making me have to eye out and invidiually reposition the dang menu items for every single page of the website.

Can you advise me?

If you need to log in to the website let me know i will give you details.
Yes there is custom styling to the poor navbar but only because i am trying to fix an error that is messing everything up. It is there boxes that appeared on menu items which causes me to make background : transparent and now the menu repositioning is off so i have to move around padding/margin for each of the elements on every page individually so i can make the nav bar look like it

–stays the same every time you click on a menu item, not having one item have more or less spacing between the neighbors–



Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Please see the directions on how to share your site with a public link, and I will take a look at it for you in a while. We can’t see anything but the problem on your published site. We can see your properties and work to correct them on a shared site.

Hey @Elliot could you please update your post with some more information so we can help you faster? Things like your read-only link & screenshots really helps us to help you faster :slight_smile:

How to share a read-only link:

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Here you go.
I am utterly confounded.
I removed all the stylings on the nav menu items and they keep glitching around and changing location when i move between items.

I tried removing the navigation bar deleting it…
but it aint getting deleted.

Perhaps you can help.

I believe it’s a simple fix.

For example, go to your page linked from the Reiki button. Then go into your navigation and select the “Reiki” button. While it’s selected, you’ll see in the properties that it’s also the “current” class, meaning that that page is open right now.

You have margins assigned to your “current” class, and so no matter what page you’re on, the corresponding button in your navigation will have these extra margins. See below.

Remove that -17 and 31 px margins, and it should be fine. If not, let me know.

Good luck!

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