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Trouble with section elements

Is there any resource on ‘gotchas’ dealing with Sections? Newly purchased Webflow - and adding and manipulating sections has been a complete BEAST. I’ve watched the University vids on them, watched a lot of the 2021 Portfolio Site class, and have read about them - but they STILL seem oddly buggy to the point of tearing my hair out.

I add a section to the nav at bottom but it often won’t let me - I have to add it higher up. I can’t rearrange sections to change their vertical stacking order. They just seem to go crazy, ignoring me and rearranging. (Note, could be that embed I mention below)

My tips so far in case they help others:

  1. If you drag a section directly onto something else, like a symbol, rather than above it, it seems to pop it above that.
  2. If you have a section with a vimeo embed - all chaos seems to happen with all sections on the page when you drag them around. When I remove that embed - all seems to work more normally.

Question: Any idea what the video embed might be doing that messes things up?

Thanks - just had to rant!

There is nothing inherent to a Webflow “Section” element other than a visual indicator in the navigator. Save your self grief and use a DIV element, convert it to a SECTION element when appropriate, add a class and style away. Most designers that have been using WF for a while ignore the prebuilt elements.

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OH! Okay that was a question I had - what is the difference between a section, container, DIV.
I was thinking they might all kind of be the same, but a section is full width, container has margin, etc.

I stay away from the container element instead choosing a div with min-width set to my preference, and margin left/right auto (centered). DIVS are just blocks with no settings. Webflow makes it look like they have height but that is just in the designer so you can work with it. Columns are based on floats. Use flexbox or grids instead. Good courses in the University. Check them out.


Just FYI: I am NOT a big-shot programmer. What ended working for me is to drag new sections ABOVE each prior one, (I could not get them to pull in below prior sections…) load them with a container and embed or whatever you need, then drag each completed section downward until you have the order you need.

Finally, name each section if you need to link to them either from within the page or from other of your pages Section link | Webflow University .

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