Creating a new section

Hi there. I am trying to create a new section below the current section. It’s possible to put above but not below. Can anyone explain why?

hi @Marz the best way to get help is to follow the forum post guide that is pinned on top of each section, if you have missed it here they are.

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The best way to learn how to work with WF is to finish all courses they provide and read documentation if needed.

Webflow is a bit clunky until you know how it behaves. A Section cannot be put inside another section. When it is above the current section it should show a blue line but does not.
Insterad, go to the ADD Elements button (plus sign). Select your Section element. Then drag it onto the screen area, you will get red warnings, ignore them. Then whilst still holding the mouse button down, drag it left again, but this time to hover over the Navigation menu, which should pop open. Plonk it anywhere here. If you have held the mouse button since selecting teh element, it will appear somewhere in the navigation lists/Next drag it to your desired position - at the very top.
I use the Navigation screen quite a lot as I prefer it to sorting things in the main screen which can be clunky and deceptive. I always check rthat my elements are in the correct heirarchy using hte LHS Navigation
I am a learner. There may be better ways, but you have one method that works.


hi @ZeroZero1 WF prevent non-developers create semantically incorrect HTML. More about what is <section> element and how should be used can be find on W3C. If you need nested elements you can always use only plain <div> elements or <div> in <section> etc. etc…

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