Trouble with responsive design with circular elements

I am desperate.

As you can see in the preview of my website, I have there three colourful circles.
There all have been there already with the template, which I am working with.

I would love too keep them there, however, they are not easy to edit.
Anytime I try to change a headline in one circle it changes all other headlines in other two circles.

The same case with pictures.

And I would like to have different pictures and different texts in each circle.

They have to somehow linked or connected, however, I do not know, hot disable them.

Please help me.

Thank you.

Webflow - Sweet Steve

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Goto image setting and select the icon from your collection list.

You can also do this for your names below the icons.

If you want to disable them altogether then you should remove them from the collection list. Then style them correctly.

Thank you so much. You saved me!

Glad to help! Webflow on!

Actually, since you are apparently full of skills and I am the true opposite, could you please help with another problem?

I cannot find my website on google via organic search. And I am afraid that this is because has not indexed yet and does not know about it. How do I make sure, that my site is visible on Google?