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Trouble with responsive design on a project

Hello. I’m having some issues which are taking hours out of my day to have no result in fixing them.

I start to pull my hair out playing with so many settings and even after watching the Webflow tutorials I’m still at a loss as to why things aren’t doing as they should.

The part in question is the 2nd to last section at the bottom.

When you bring the desktop view to the smallest size, it just doesn’t go to the size it should and i need help asap as my friend is starting to get annoyed at me for not getting this fixed :frowning:

Thank you…

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Bare Essentials

When you use fixed widths on elements they won’t be responsive.

Thank you for the information. I have tried making them VW numbers instead but the same thing still happens. I must be doing it in the wrong place, but I can’t find where. @webdev

This is what happens if I use VW on the images instead of PX value

The images go off the screen and the gaps get bigger and then the text moves off where it should be.


I would suggest adding in the background image separately (set as a background image and relative) and have the person image, icon image, and text added in on top of that (with absolute settings). That way you can set the height to the right size you need for mobile, without stretching the images.

You will also need to adjust the settings on the text - so they don’t go outside the background image dimensions.


Yes, see different all devices from Laptop, Tablet to Smartphone. To change size.

Hi @PixelPanda - Do you mean adding the separate images to each Div Block’s background? I tried that but the image wasn’t working as well as before hand.

Would that suggestion be the only way to fix this? I had originally had the text inside the image exported together to make life easier, but it needed to be real text for SEO.

Sorry If this sounds confusing.

I’m not that great at doing advanced Webflow changes. This section took me about 1-2 days to do alone, not my proudest moment.

Hello! I have a video with audio below to help describe the issue I’m having.

It’s most likely a very small thing I’m missing - but it’s causing a problem.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Bare Essentials

How it should look vs how it looks now. Anyone around to help? Thank you.

How it looks now

How it should look all the time


Your paragraphs in the grids are set to 710 pixels wide - and they have a padding-left of 325 pixels.
Hence it is pushing content off your page.

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Hi @DroneMotionUK

So you would want one div - with your main image added in as a background image and set to relative. Then you can add in your profile image and logo straight into that same div (they don’t need a separate div) and set them to absolute and adjust their position manually.

For your text you can do the same thing and then you will want to give it a width of 50% or so and adjust to the right.

This will give you the ability to adjust the height as needed for mobile.

You can also try taking it out of the grid, and using columns to see if that might work easier for you.

And new_work_city is correct, you also need to adjust the settings of your paragraphs/text. They are a set width and need to be adjusted for responsive.

And I think you should be proud of yourself. Webflow has a learning curve and you are dedicated. :slight_smile:


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On a side note, your images are really heavy in weight.

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Thank you everyone for the tips and help.

@PixelPanda I’ve tried doing what you suggested step by step, maybe I’m missing certain points as I was literally following your guide.

Video to show what’s happening now:

Read only link updated: Webflow - Bare Essentials

Hello again - Thank you @PixelPanda for your words before hand and also @new_work_city.

I have spent a good 6 hours today and still haven’t been able to fix it. I actually slammed my desk because of how frustrating it is from following guides and it still doesn’t play ball.

I just wish with the current settings I have, there is a simple change of a setting which can fix it all…

:frowning: This is really sad for me

Hi Matthew,

I will have something for you in a bit.



Hi @DroneMotionUK ,

Here you go:

Read only:

And if you want to send me the email associated with your Webflow account (by private message), I can send you that section and you can copy and paste it into your website.

You will need to change the font to match your website’s font - I just used the Palitino font. And, of course, upload the correct pictures and edit text. You can copy and paste the div names “team section” to make additional rows.



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Wow thank you @PixelPanda!!! Amazing!!

Glad to help. :slightly_smiling_face: