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Trouble with grid breakdown between desktop/tablet + mobile?

Hi everyone,

My website is 90% done - but my grid on my homepage isn’t working between the desktop/tablet views + mobile. I don’t get it, because the grid is correctly populating on desktop (with link blocks and images), but on mobile, it’s only showing 3 of the 12 images - correctly spaced out, but I’m missing 9 of the 12 images. Please help? I cannot figure out what the heck is happening here.

Thanks!! I’m freaking out, this is for my graduation show at at school and everything else is ready to go.

The elements you don’t see are actually all in the last row and column on mobile breakpoints. The cause is there is no areas set. I would have used manual positioning for the link blocks.

Hi Jeff, thank you for your response - is this covered by the “Add and position content in grid areas” section here? I can dig into it myself, I just want to be sure I’m looking at the right thing. This site’s obviously really simple, and I haven’t used manual positioning before.