Grid not responding correctly in mobile view

Hi all.

I am a photographer based in NYC. I am by no means a web designer and have not really used webflow much since I built my website 1 year ago. I know that I have most likely not done this 100% correctly and would appreciate some help. This has taken waaaay too long.

I have re-designed my index page and I am almost there, just one annoying issue.

The idea is that you can click the index link and get an overview of our work. You can then click any image in the index and you will be taken to that image in the portfolio. Note that this has worked before and I just have not added the URL into the linkblock yet, thats easy.

The index page is built up with Grid. The Grid is inside a Section. Inside the Grid I have placed Link Blocks (no url yet). Inside Link Blocks I have placed my Images.
I am ok that the images get cropped a little bit so the aspect ratio’s stay the same, but as little cropping as possible.

  • Index/Grid looks good inside the Designer on all Breakpoints except on Mobile. The images on Mobile are all squeezed and cropped. I know this is most likely a very easy fix, just cant figure it out!

  • Index/Grid looks good when I publish my Preview Page on iMac Pro, MacBook Pro 16”, iPad 12. Except obviously bad on my iphone SE, but looks very different from the Designer, why?

See link to my project below. (Im using Chrome when Designing)

Thank you

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]
[1]: Webflow - SCROLL DOWN

Note. When I had a look at the read only link the grid responds will in Mobile. It does not look like this in my designer. Designer and iPhone Screen Shots