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Trouble with content under Video iFrame not visible

Hey guys!

I need your help once again :sweat_smile:

The hero section on my website was recently done by Javascript to have it’s height equal the screen size. I’ve now removed the Javascript and implemented usage of Flexbox to do the job instead. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the challenge I’m now encountering:

When viewing from any browser the hero section and the video section below are the only sections visible. The rest of the page is somehow hidden.

I wonder why – and I hope you can help me :sunny:

Have a nice day!

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The video is a Custom code block where you have opened an <iframe> element but never closed it. So browsers stop rendering the page because of this HTML error (some browser may fix it on the fly).

So add </iframe> at the end of your custom code and the browsers should continue to render the rest of the page.

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Wow. Thanks a lot Vincent!
Nicely spotted. I would never have found that missing piece of code myself.

Thanks! :smile:

When a page stops rendering at a precise point, 99,99% chances that there’s a missing closing tag… :slight_smile:

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