Video embed not working in horizontal scroll section


I’ve encountered a weird problem while trying to embed a video in a horizontal scroll section. There a several pages on my website that only scroll horizontally, made using the Webflow tutorial on Youtube. On those pages, the video fails to load or appear at all.

If I place the element in a div that scrolls vertically, everything works fine, so it seems that the problem is related to the structure of the horizontal scroll section but I can’t seem to find a fix.

The element in question is placed on the page at the following place: W03/ Photo Exhibition → track → camera → frame → item → W03/I-03-B

I’ve tried different custom codes, giving the element a parent div, giving it a set height, giving the parent div a set height, but nothing works. When published the element is not visible at all.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Hello Niels,
Complicated setup there.
Had to click mobile view so I could see the code.
Are you using embed to get a specific type of vimeo display?
Is using the Webflow Vimeo element a complete no no and does that actually work?


Thanks for your reply, the setup isn’t very forgiving indeed.
I usual acces the code through the Element Setting panel on the right hand side.

The initial reasoning for using an embed instead of the native Video element is because I wanted to implement so that I could customise the player. However, I’ve tried both without any luck. Even when using the native Video element, it doesn’t show when published.

Thanks for getting back to me, right about the reason for embed but as you say native doesn’t work either.

An other point for the native webflow element so we can see the actual issue using the webflow viewer. For those reading not familiar with embeds you have to publish the site to see them in action.

Thanks for the tip, open code editor got it. Not needed to use that before but will remember that as I am sure it will crop up again.

My only suggestion is to try and see if you can narrow it down by creating a new page with the absolute minimum required for horizontal scroll to see if you can prove it works or not.

Good luck.

It seems that I got both the embed element and the video element working, but only when I give it a fixed (minimum) height, which makes it not responsive.