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• Trouble renaming interactions

I decide to create interaction. I named it “Zoom” and then decide to rename it. I select all and hit Del button… aaand the name got back in red color with message “Please enter the name”. I’m trying here, actually! I hit Del and the old name appear again and again. The same happens when I hit Backspace to try remove old name symbol by symbol. The last symbol (actually it is the first one) “Z” is staying. Maybe this behavior is need to be fixed to let people remove all text to start over? And let them know about empty name only when they are living this field.

this happens to me too

Hi @Alexey_Borisov and @ikydstudio, thanks for your comments, this is a known issue at the moment. As soon as there is a fix pushed out for this, I will post an update and let you know.

Thanks in advance.

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