Trouble getting CODEPEN custom code to work :(

Awesome Webflow Community…

I have tried many things and read a lot of posts, etc. And I am convinced this should be a simple thing… but I cannot seem to get any CODEPEN custom code elements to work. :frowning:

Here is one specific CODEPEN that I am trying to get to work in WEBFLOW.
Heres the codepen link:

Any help appreciated, as I have already spent hours, and hope to avoid additional time.

Heres my webflow read only:
Webflow - Dale's Codepen tests 1

Thank you!

It is just the CSS code so it should not cause any issue.

But that doesn’t mean you can insert CSS code into JS script tag :wink: I guess you get caught up.

Also beside that, that CSS is directly applied on body. It would be best if you apply to a different div/element.

But still it should work, just try applying display block on body::before

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you rock! thank you so much. that did work… I had a JS tag. lol

Thank u!

Great, since your issue is solved. Please mark this post as solved.

Done! :slight_smile: Thank you very much!

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