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Trouble creating clickable icons

I’m trying to place 3 social icons close together in the footer. I’ve created a section, a row of 3 then another row inside the 3rd row. What I’m doing is placing the images inside the row then moving the margin to place them closer together. See below.

I read on the forum that if I create a link block I can assign a URL to the images. The problem is because I have to use so much margin to align them left/closer together, the hover event happens much further away from each icon.

What would you do if you were trying to achieve similar placement?

Works like a charm to me. Here is a troubleshooting link :wink:

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Hey @grandtheftpixel what @bartekkustra did was instead of adding a row with columns, he just dragged the icons into the a container (or in your case you can put them in an structure element), then he made that container have TEXT-ALIGN center which will align the images in the center. Try that!

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Brilliant worked like a charm. Thanks guys.