Trouble Binding CMS Content

I must be missing something obvious, I’ve built a variety of CMS collections in the past, but I’m stuck.

The context-sensitive menu that appears when I click the gear wheel on images or text inside a CMS item behaves like a regular page with no option to select binding to a collection. I’ve tried multiple pages and even testing on my other sites.

When I place the CMS List on the page, I am able to bind to the collection, but not to the components within the list item. Help please.

Hi @Marsha ,
Can you explain what exactly you want to achieve?

Some elements like multi-image can not be used inside a CMS list, they can only be used inside the dynamic pages.

One thing that’s changed in the Webflow UI, after clicking the small gear, you now have to click on the small purple circle with the plus sign to bind an element to a collection.


Wow, thanks so much! That was exactly the problem.

:joy: I’ve been at this for days because I thought I forgot how to work with collections or that maybe the site was just down, who knew it was that simple

How did I miss that, damn :sweat_smile: I’ve been at it for days as well. Thank you.

How did I miss that :sweat_smile: I’ve been at it for days as well. Thank you.