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Having trouble connecting dynamic content to CMS template page…i've done this many times not sure what's happening

Hello WF support and friends,

I am having a tough time trying to link dynamic content from one of my collections (Partners) to the corresponding CMS template page that gets generated once a collection is created.

I’ve been adding CMS list elements to the divs they’re supposed to live in, connecting the lists to the proper collection (Partners in this case), and then selecting the appropriate “Get text/image/rich-text” from the check box, then for whatever reason I am not able to see the corresponding content display within.

All I see is content from just one of the CMS posts/entries displaying as opposed to the multiple entries when I cycle through each page within the template.

Hope what I am saying here makes sense. Here’s a link below to my project, hopefully one of you brilliant folks can show me the errors of my way.

Thanks for all your help!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Can you give me a bit more info on which area you’re working on and what you’re trying to link?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for following up with my post. I did eventually figure out where I went wrong so this issue is now resolved. I was trying to delete my post but did not have the access privileges to do so. Sorry for the confusion and thanks again for offering up some help!