Triggering Segment event on form submit

We have integrated code on our site, it’s working. Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Intercom, and other services are all going through Segment and the data is flowing properly.

The one thing that’s not working is our forms. When a user submits a Demo Request form, it should trigger an event with a value of bookdemo.signed-up into Google Tag Manager via Segment.

I think I need to add custom javascript to the head section of the page with the form, but I’m not sure what to include in the snippet. Has anyone else solved this? I’ve seen some other forum posts with similar questions for onClick events, but I’m not sure if this is the same thing or not.

The form is currently staged here

and you can see the designer view here: Webflow - New Sajari

Found this post, it’s what we were looking for How to integrate Segment Analytics into Webflow