Triggered move vs scroll?

So I’m looking to have a short intro in the first section of my pages, and then have the section below move up on a timed delay triggered by page load. I can get that working fine, but the content below also has different interactions tied to ‘scroll into view’ which are then not being triggered by that timed move. For example, a grid of products sits below that is set to fade up and in, but without that scroll technically happening, the images don’t show until you start an actual scroll.

I’m assuming this is because a move isn’t technically a scroll– is there any way around this? A different way to simulate the move and have the subsequent animations be triggered?

The only work-around I had is to put an anchor link in the hero to the next section, but making people click into each section isn’t an ideal experience and makes those intros more laborious than they’re worth.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

No way to answer. Please Add url/screenshots/read-only link and so on. Also try to be more specific (how to x on y bla bla?).

Scroll into view works fine with anchors (the page scroll even if the user not scrolling the mouse). Try to edit offset.