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Make scroll trigger a page-section link

I’ve tried to make it so when you scroll down in the hero section, it will smoothly snap you down to the next section - just like when you click a link that is set to a page-section. (like my ‘Projekter’ button)

I’ve tried methods that are used in one-pages like fullpage.js. It worked but was very choppy and I already got some custom code on my slideshow that makes it change slide on scroll - which I really like. But when you scroll up, both codes would trigger, scrolling you back up and going to previous slide. Not good.

Another solution I’ve tried is BroDesign’s scroll-full-section-by-one-mouse-scroll ( / to view how it works: Thought this was perfect since I only had two sections. But when implemented, the slideshow would have a huge delay and then suddenly snap up fast into place. Totally not following the smooth animation I’d set for it.

I just want it to scroll smoothly down to the projects when doing a single scroll in the hero section. Since Webflow already got a link to page-section which scrolls exactly like I want it to do by scrolling - is there a way to add some custom code that makes a scroll trigger a page-section link?
Or do any know of another solution that doesn’t conflict with the scroll function of the slideshow?

Here is my public share link:

Published site with working custom slide code here: