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Trigger interactions on horizontal scroll

Is there any way to trigger an scroll into view interaction as I scroll/drag horizontally?

I’m using GSAP’s draggable to create the horizontal drag with inertia. Now I need to trigger a scroll into view or something similar as an element appear in the viewport horizontally.

Any idea how to achieve this?

Here’s what I got right now:

Easier to solve this using some slider plugin and build-in API events (on slide change or slide into view do X or Y). Most modern sliders support drag (No need for GSAP for this idea).

Do you want solution by webflow interaction or by custom code?

For specific GSAP solution its better to ask this Q under GSAP forum (Add codepen).

I tried with fullPage.js but isn’t possible to trigger interactions on horizontal slide.

Do you know about any plugin that allow me to trigger Webflow’s native interactions when I slide horizontally?

No way to bind webflow core interactions (“trigger play”) with custom JS code (No API for this).

You try to work with scroll into view? (I am not near laptop to test this idea).

One more idea:

I’m going to try Slick slider with scroll into view right know. I’ll let you know. Thanks

I think this is not an option because I need my slides to snap on each drag/swipe and AFIK that is not possible with the scrolling into view interaction. Right?

It doesn’t work with scroll into view interaction. Here’s an example:

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