Trigger interaction with scroll

Is it possible to set up an interaction that is triggered when you just scroll in the viewport or when you scroll whilst hovered over an element either vertically or horizontally?
like on a fixed page for example that doesn’t actually scroll down.

Hello @GNelson

Do you think that something like ‘move element up/down’ would work?

Not sure what you mean…?

Maybe I’m not understanding your goal here, can you show an example?

like this page, swiping / scrolling up, down, left or right triggers the scroll animation.
notice how you can’t actually freely scroll, as soon as you start to scroll it triggers the animation.

I want to be able set up a trigger in Webflow like this. so that when the user scrolls in a certain direction I can have it trigger an interaction.

This type of scrolling interaction are made with custom code called Scroll Jacking:

Although I want to point that scroll jacking takes control of the scrolling interactions so any other interaction would work.

Hope this helps

Ok great I will look into it!
Do you happen to know if this will work for a horizontal scroll / swipe left/right trigger?

This is the page I’m working on btw


Technically it should be possible yes. I don’t know scroll jacking myself so I wouldn’t know how to do it but I don’t see any reason not to work.

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