Transparent Background With Non Transparent Text Over the Top


I want to place a transparent background at the top of my page with static text over the top but the text becomes transparent as well. I have tried to follow the instructions in this help topic but its not working. Probably an error on my part but can not see where.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
My site is
(updated link)
Many Thanks

Hi Mark,
could you explain a little bit more. That background will have some picture, but you want to make it transparent for now? Is it in the Hero Section?

Yeah Sure, Sorry should have said its on the second page in the hero section. The image of people around a table.

So essentially what I want is an image in the background that has transparency/opacity and then a block of text over the top. When i just make the section background an image an transparent anything i add to that section like the text gets the same treatment. I tried the workaround in the other link but no luck.

Let me know if you need anything else


Ok, I got it.
So all you need is just create correct structure.
Here I draw wireframe, hope it will help to show what kind of structure you need

Hope it helps,


That’s done the trick! I was having problems on the existing page so followed your instructions on a blank page and it worked. Guess I have some elements hiding so will just give it a clean up.

Thank you very much for your time.
Much Appreciated

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Glad I was able to help :smiley:

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