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Transition/interaction to ascending Dropdown in Slider

Hi Webflow team,

I have added an ascending dropdown menu to a slider in the footer. It’s working fine, however whatever IX or transition I apply does not appear only hide or move the toggle link. The dropdown list block is “none” and position “fixed” which is required to have it ascending if I understand correct? Please have a look:

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Hi, I don’t fully understand what you’re looking for. Maybe could you describe exactly what you want to achieve and we’ll help you find the best structure and interactions for it?

Particularly I don’t get why your “drop-up” has to be in a slider.

If you are trying to reproduce something you’ve seen somewhere can you show us the reference?


Hi Vincent,
Appreciate you’re taking the time to review my query. The “Destinations” page and its sub pages is meant to hold a portfolio of photos from around the world. The slider will show the countries and the drop up - cities. I removed the arrow from the drop down element, as I don’t need it and made the changes in order for it to drop up. The drop up does shown on hover, though I would like a much smoother and elegant transition. Another user has a similar request, referring to the this site:

Ultimately I just want to be able to make an IX introducing the drop up menu more elegantly. I have tried several instructions both from the forum and the tutorials, though they don’t execute well. If I select initial appearance to opacity: 0, the toggle and text (country) disappears and in general none of the transition features seem to execute and apply correctly. Probably a position issue, though not experienced enough to determine which. Does it have anything to do with the Z-index value?

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