Dropdown close doesn't trigger animation

Hello everyone, I created a mega menu with a slide down and slide up transition. The slide down works (Menu open) however it doesn’t work as I close it, where it should slide up a little and disappears. Currently it just closes instantly.

Webflow link

Appreciate any help. :pray:


You need to set Dropdown list to display block by default and do all the styling for dropdown on normal state like bg white, absolute top 100%, box-shadow.
Remove the loop from the animation.

Hi @Haji_Khan_Keerio thank you for your response, this solution seem to be different as this shows the dropdown by the default instead of being hidden in it’s initial state, the dropdown itself is good on it’s own in terms of design and functionality. The problem is that there is no animation/transition when I close it and the animation only works on “Open”

Update: Issue has been solved. For anyone having the same problem, I added 500ms close delay in Dropdown settings