Transfer UTM to a page button


How do I get a button to include the UTM parameters when a client lands on the page from an ad?

For example, I have people directed to our landing page from a Facebook add.

When a client lands on the page, their browser gets a URL like so:

bsns . com/landing-page?utm=fromFB

On the landing page, there’s a button. I would like the link that clicking the button loads to also include the query parameters from the landing page, e.g.

bsns . com/ button-load-page?utm=fromFB

Is this even possible?

I’ve been able to capture UTM query parameters into hidden form fields, but I don’t see how I can add custom code to generate the button’s “Link URL”

Thank you!

Hi Patrick, <button> elements do not support a src, but if you’re referring to an <a> link element that is styled as a button, then Sygnal’s Attributes supports that;

Thanks, but I don’t think that addresses my situation.

It does exactly what you asked for above, which is to transport your UTM querystring parameters thorough into link URLs.

Much easier than writing your own custom code.

from: URL Query Params Passthrough - Sygnal Attributes | Designed for Webflow

For all links on your page, WFU will modify the link’s href , depending on what you request.


I do not want “all links” on my page affected. Just the one button.

Furthermore, I do not understand how it works, nor how to implement it given the reference links, so no thank you - I don’t implement solutions which I do not understand.

This did the trick. Turns out there are a couple copies of the button on the page, so I used a for-loop to update the href attributes on them all:

  let buttonLinkAll = document.querySelectorAll('a.button-name');
  for (let i = 0; i < buttonLinkAll.length; i++) {
    buttonLinkAll[i].setAttribute('href', 'button-load-page' +


I used the browser dev tools to locate and inspect the button’s to find out their tag attributes and such, i.e. how I got the 'a.button-name' string.

The 'button-load-page' would gets added after the base domain, e.g.
bsns . com/ button-load-page?utm=fromFB

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