How to pass UTM params from Ad-to Webflow-to external website

Hi, I need to pass the UTM params from Ads to my webflow marketing website (which work well) and then to my mobile web app (which then breaks).
The UTMs don’t flow through to my web app after clicking on any of my Get Started CTAs.

Can someone help explain how this can be done without creating new forms with hidden fields?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey Max,

You haven’t shared your published site link or your project read-only link, so it’s impossible to guess what your CTAs do or how you’re wanting the UTMs passed through.


  • If you want to pass them to another server, you’d re-add them as querystring params.
  • If you want to transport them around your site, you’d use sessionStorage or cookies
  • If you want to transport them to a back-end with form data, you’d use hidden fields

Configure the webflow to redirect to the external websites in which your website dashboard go to the page section and find the redirect page you created. setup a redirect to external website by providing the appropriate URL.

Here is the read only link: Webflow - Otto - Website

Should I use hidden form fields even if the CTAs are just links and not forms at all?

How do I add them as querystring params?

On page load, you run some custom javascript to check the querystring for UTM params, and then you append them to the links you want to pass them through on.

If you’re uncomfortable with writing custom code, here’s a nocode way to accomplish that using custom attributes.

Hi @memetican,

I’m trying too pass UTM links from google ads into our Webflow page and them onto our web app through the CTAs on our landing page.

Is this possible with your method? I’m not technical so struggling to follow accurately!

Read only link: Webflow - Nomad Cooks

Hi @JojoKelly I’m not sure what your integration is with bubble, but the SA5 approach above is a simple nocode databinding option for simple cases like querystring → hidden form field.

If you’re doing something else you’ll likely need a bit of custom code to pass it to bubble. You can drop me a direct message if you need some work done on a custom integration, but generally “get a querystring param and pass it somewhere” isn’t very complex.