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Tooltip hot spot position

Hello awesome webflowees, @cyberdave could you let me know how I can get the hotspot placed exactly so that it remains in place as the screen responds to the devices.


Thanks so much…AGAIN!! its these effective forums that make webflow Super!!

You need to share your public link. Check the first post on the forum.

Hey thanks Vincent
Forgot that, any advice?

PAGE = About

Thanks. I don’t get the question. What’s the hotspot?

I want one of those FlexiArm :slight_smile:

Hi Vincent, yes they are great, great for multiscreen work.

the hotspot is the ‘tooltip’ small yellow tick that causes an image to appear when hovered over found on the about page .

this is the hotspot page:-)

scroll down to table above footer

Ok. Nice tooltips. How do you make them? Must be involving a JS because of the Z deformation…

So, your tooltips are quite placed where they’re supposed to, for every devices, on my screen… I don’t see the issue.

Also note that responsibility is not about making things work when your resize your browser. It’s about making things work when you load the page with a given browser width. When you resize the browser on the fly and witness changes, it’s fun, but it can bring bugs, and there’s nothing to do about this, it’s not the goal nor controllable anyway.

Thanks Vincent for taking the time to respond in depth - much appreciated !! Will let you know when those arms are up for grabs:-)

Can you point me to the method you use for your tooltip 3D deformation please?

Hi Vincent

Do you mean the hover over or the 3D rotate?

On the webflow version I used a combination of

Click to show/hide content and Basic hover over effect

On the wordpress version the 3D rotate is done using webrotate plugin for WP
the 3D images I rendered and pasted them in as stills.

Does that help or make it worse?

Let me know


@vincent any idea why my small yellow + sign doesn’t show up on my mobile device but is visible on my pc?
Thanks bro

I just looked… no. Let me know if you find.

Yo @vincent , yip its me again…Hotspot time:-)

I found this cool tool, but it aint playing nicely, any advice on how to get the jquery comfy at home in WEBFLOW?

Thanks man…PS are you the 24Hour webflow specialist?

Webflow public site (page REV01)
cool hotspot creator

Lol, I’m the round the clock hobbyist more likely :wink: I spend a very busy summer with long render times… it will end one day!

As per Javascript and everything that relate to it, I don’t know a damn thing. I’m not even able to make anything work by myself to say the truth.

Have you used CSS/HTML or Java to do this? I’m having trouble placing my tooltips, when I roll over a hotspot they appear at the bottom on the screen rather than from the hotspot itself, any tips?

Have the hotspot a position: relative; and then the tooltip position:absolute; or relative. It has to be related to the hotspot rather than to the website,