Too Many redirects on my domain

Hi there I hope you’re well.

I’m setting up my web hosting, and I went through all the possible issues imagineable with it. My current one, is too many redirects. I tried it on many browsers, cleared cache and went through all the solutions in the forum.

My goal is simply to be able to access my website with both and simply

I created both A records, and CNAM here is a screenshot of my DNS, perhaps the issue is here but I can’t seem to know. Do you have any ideas? Thanks in advance

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Sudoku +

Forgot to link the DNS :

Hi Assila,

If you haven’t, I’d recommend that you set you www binding as the primary domain in your Webflow site settings.

If you leave that unset, or have set as the primary, you’ll often see the redirects problem.

Hi Michael,

Yes it’s already on www, that’s why i’m even more lost haha

Typically you’d just set www as your primary domain, and then republish.
If that’s not working, you’ll probably need to contact support.