Toggle problems mobile vs. website

I have toggle arrows on tabs to show FAQs that need to show differently on mobile vs. desktop. I set it up in mobile the way i wanted but every time i try to change it in desktop only, I even added ‘mobile’ and ‘desktop’ secondary classes, it screws everything up. So frustrated! Do i have to start over?

Here is my public share link:
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Remove the interaction on the tabs. Interactions overrides styles.

which interactions?
I want the arrows to drop down for navigation

tabarrow interaction is hiding the entire menu on page load.

okay, should i take out the interaction and then put it back in?

You might be applying the interaction wrongly, you should not apply styles or interactions to the containers of Webflow components. It seems you want to apply it to an arrow, not the entire menu.

hmm, thought I did. I’ll take it out of everything and put it on just the arrow.

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