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Nav Bar Interaction Help -Desktop v. Mobile

Hi! I have a nav bar that I’d like to drop down after the hero scrolls past on desktop, and stay static and fixed to the top on mobile. I’d done the first just fine, but the second is giving me fits for some reason. Since the IX aren’t linked to the breakpoints, I had to dupe both the navbar and the trigger element, but it still doesn’t seem to work – it still disappears, and I have NO IDEA where that instruction is coming from!


Here is my public share link:

I don’t see 2 navs in your site. What you should do is duplicate it and hide the dropdown nav on the mobile versions via this panel.

Also hide the duplicate on desktop versions.
Then make sure you remove the interaction on the copy.

Thanks for replying. Did that, didn’t work! That’s why I’m so befuddled.

Any ideas?

Your display settings on your mobile version for the nav were set to display:none on desktop. You don’t need to do this when you make them invisible via the element settings pane listed in my last reply. If you change the mobile version to display block, you should be good.

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