Title menu will disappear and in its place appears another menu


I do not know how to say it properly and it’s called. Here on this site ( http://seo.skobeeff.ru/ ), the title menu when scrolling to will disappear and in its place appears another menu. This can be done in vebflov?


Hello @Alexandr_Santis

Yes, it is possible with Webflow. You can find videotutorial here https://interactions.webflow.com/fade-in-navbar-video

Yet, @StevenP made very helpful manual here http://webflowcodestutorials.webflow.io/click (scroll page till “Nav – Nav sticks on top on scroll”.

Hope it helps,

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Thank you, sabanna!
But it’s not exactly what I need. Take a good look at the site.
There is one first, but about the scrolling appear at the third. :smile:

You still can use the same technique. Just instead of using second navbar, make div with all information that you need.

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OK, I understand!!!
THANK YOU!!! :wink:


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