Tips to optimize experience for Safari users


Hi all,

I’m using Webflow for some months right now, and I’ve experienced some issues with how websites are working on Safari. I’m using Chrome myself, and the stuff I make always works perfectly fine on there. However, when browsing the same website on Safari, it always seems to be a bit laggy and does not look as good as it does on Chrome.

Are there any tips or tricks to bring the user experience of different browsers closer together? I’m aware of the fact that every browser is different, but I’m wondering if there are any tips or tricks to make sure that even on Safari it is smooth like butter :wink:

Thank you!

Hi @Wisse Safari has specific viewport and CSS handling, which may affect responsive design. Ensure that your responsive designs adapt correctly to Safari “mainly by testing and experience”

I suggest ongoing testing on Safari, especially when utilizing absolute positioning. I’ve noticed that this specific positioning often encounters issues on Safari. Additionally, I ran into some rare cases of border radius rendering issues.

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Hi @rasheed_othman

Thank you for sharing your insights!