Tips to be a better designer

Hello everyone! :smiley:

If you are a designer, it might be nice to receive good feedback. But there may always be that one thing that you can’t seem to get right.

For me, it’s typography and section organization. Other people might like the way you do something, but you might always be a bit annoyed with it.

I think that people should be educated a bit on the fundamentals and concepts that Web Designers work upon. Like how to make a site that is featured on a web design award site. (I know this doesn’t just happen, it’s just an example)

Some people might not understand what I mean in this post, so if you have any questions, just let me know.

Here, I want people to share ideas and tips. Big or small.


For you it’s Types and Sections organization, for me it’s chosing and using colors :slight_smile: Whatever the tool I use, or inspiration, I can’t seem to get it right without help.

Lately, I browse font-pairing sites to help with font choice. Maybe the site I’ve bookmarked will help you too.

I’ll be happy to give you an eye about sections organization if you want to show me a project of yours and tell me why you’re not satisfied.


From the article below

The day I became a better designer was the day I started looking outside the design industry for inspiration. It was the day I started reading books about philosophy, psychology, art or science.


Thanks @vincent and @PixelGeek! I’ll be sure to look at those links when I get home. :smiley:

About types something that many times work for me is using the same font family like Lato or Raleway with a lot of diversity and variety to make nice contrasts. At the same time you get consistency for your design.

Just follow this easy guide :wink:

Haha :smile: That was hilarious

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