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Tip on showcasing design on Webflow

Hello All webFlow’ers

Just a quick mcGyver hack (google McGyver if you’re born after 1987’)

based on the JTBD framework, the job I wanted to do was = show people in the forum what design I was aiming to get within webflow. BUT… I would usually have to take a screenshot (inside the webflow app while showcasing the outlining containers / divs’ ) & then upload to my server… takes way too long

so… hack was

take a screenshot, create a new webflow site / page… upload the photo and then publish it and paste the URL in here, took me all of 90 seconds. Job done :wink:

result =

Just wanting to share this hack to help people save time and find yet another great way to use webflow #sooocrushingONyouWebflow #greatApp #ravingFANiAM

Ok, so I just realized that you can enable link to webflow community. I guess this is in part to people learning all the features. So thanks for this smart thought webflow team

Here’s what it looks like in webflow.


Hi @clickryan, glad to hear that Webflow is working good for you :smile: We have the Show & Tell category too on the forum for site reviews, and to get tips on your design… Glad to hear you discovered that public link share feature :smile: