How to generate a picture from page content, and share it

Hi folks, first post/question, shucks!

I’m hoping to develop a survey in Webflow, the various tools out there are nice but can’t really do some of the key things I want to.

Use case: share custom text and a picture from a screen to social media

  • user gets taken to a page with previously filled out form results on it
  • user chooses a ‘share’ button (twitter, linkedin, facebook etc)
  • user gets taken to that platform with a post created containing:
  1. custom text, which should include some of the customer data that is on screen (i.e. “–name-- 's result was --X–%”)
  2. a screen grab of the dashboard area of the page

I’m relatively new to webflow and took a fortnight to find my way around, buy a template, customise it, so wanted to ask about solution direction and any examples I’m missing BEFORE I disappear down another rabbit hole

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