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Time delay on current page before load next page


I really need your help on this please. I create an intro page called “Início” before actually enter in my site (page Clínica Dentária da Lagoa). I created one button that have an animation when you click on it and a link to the home page.
But unfortunatelly, the page home loads before the animation occur. I want to create some sort of delay on the intro page that gives time do show the animation on the button, and only after that, the home page loads.
Can you help me? How can i do this?
The site is under construction.

Thank you very much.

Best regards

Here is my public share link:

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Hey there thanks for the reply. I added the code both to header and footer custom code but it did not work. Where it is “link url” i have to put the url of my page? I just only copy and paste the code you write, i don’t know if it supposed to work just doing that. Thanks!

Custom code only works on published sites, and usually is placed in the Footer.