Thumbnail images are too zoomed in

I am creating a gallery using Lightbox but having issues with the thumbnail images. I have created a Lightbox using a Collection of images. I copied a component that is used for blogs, as you can see in the navigator, which gives me the animative effect and some of the layout with columns.

The images in the bottom gallery (3x2 grid) are much too zoomed in. How can I show a view of the image that fits in the square grid (similar to how the blog grid looks like at the top of the page). I don’t care if the entire image is not in the gallery – but I would like for the ability to include my desired view.

You’ll find i in the page titled: Lightbox Links (Sandbox)

Here is my site Read-Only:

My readonly designer view is bugged atm, so I cannot see your thumbnail element settings.
However I think the main difference is that in your top collection list, the thumb is applied to a div as a background setting, and in your bottom one, you’ve placed an image element instead.

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That is indeed a difference that I didn’t recognize before.

I changed it to a div and applied the Post Thumb class, lined up the collection, and now it works great. Thank you!

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