Thoughts on using link to large MP4 to use as background image


I was considering using a background animation similar to one I saw in the ‘Point Card Website’ which is a template available in webflow: Webflow.

My question is if anyone knows if this will be a hugely burdensome effect that will slow my site down or give it a poor light speed score.

You can see the example in the footer of the point card website template. It is a swirl of slow moving colors that gradual change. The asset is an MP4 that is linked via html (it’s not placed in the website directly).

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey Tommy!

Your links don’t seem to work but looking at the image I’m guessing it can be replaced by a CSS animation like this one:

If not, I’d personally replace the MP4 with some lightweight CSS animation anyway; an MP4 would be a terrible way to show these kinds of animations.

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Hi Rory, thanks so much for your reply, much appreciated!

This is just the kind of direction I was looking for. The example you provided is great, very smooth too, smoother in fact than the MP4, I will certainly check this out.

So many sites use large video backgrounds, they look great but I’m always up for something lighter so thanks again for the option you provided.


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