This job has now been completed. Many thanks to anybody contacting me

What I need to happen is when pinch zooming on a mobile device the arrows and the close button do not increase when pinch zooming. I want them to stay fixed in place on the screen .

This is where you can find the modal
Go to mob brake point then to product page
Then select modal zoom and click show in the layout
This slider is using the udesly e-commerce slider in a full page modal.

I’ve tried everything, but the arrows and the close button
zoom with the garment when using pinch mode on mobile.

Any help greatly appreciated please let me know the cost D James

Here is my site Read-Only: [[LINK][1]
(Webflow - Daniel James London. Com)

You can do the below and then enable a tap to zoom interaction on your product. The downside is that it will need to zoom according to a point of origin you’ve assigned and that means it will only zoom in on one area. I’m guessing you’ll need a panning function too.

I tried using an attribute “user-scalable=no” on an individual element but it doesn’t work. Even if it did work, the position of your arrows will be unpredictable since other elements on the page will be shifting their absolute position.

Thank you for replying so quickly here is a link to what I would like to achieve if possible.
as seen on a mob here
Best regards Daniel

Thank you for your reply I’ve somebody looking into it for me at the moment to see if there is a possible way around all of this. Best regards Daniel