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Pinch zoom keeps triggering swipe on portfolio website

Hi all,

I’m desperately trying to think of a solution to this problem. Via Webflow, I built a full-screen portfolio website that works brilliantly on desktop ( My core problem is that, on mobile, when one goes to zoom in on any of my images, the website assumes the pinch-to-zoom is a swipe, which advances the slider. It’s stupidly annoying, and a flaw I’m afraid may turn people off of my website as a whole. Seeking some Javascript magic that may alleviate this issue. Anybody have any ideas? Would be very appreciated…

Also: Just in-case it matters. I did think to disable swipe (tapping is a far more satisfying experience, anyway), but I found via paying close attention to user behavior that users tend to give up on the website before attempting to simply tap on the screen as opposed to swipe. Want to make sure I’m not alienating the swipers of the world!

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Could you try disabling swipe gestures on the slider, and then only show the sider arrows on mobile devices?