This forum is pretty much dead

This forum is pretty much dead

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Not sure how you arrived at that conclusion. Looks pretty active to me.

I would say that this forum has so many answers already thoughout all the years, that 80% of times when I am trying to post a question I can already find answers in the existing threads. even weird or very precise solutions! I am definitely impressed with the forum!

so maybe that’s why you didn’t see a movement because all the answers are already there and you should just look more thoroughly.

OK, maybe I was being hyperbolic, though my experience is that only basic issues are covered and that more complex ones are ignored.
That said, not that I’ve contributed myself very much… I’ll try harder.
I think though that there should be maybe more commitment from Webflow staff, as very often if I can’t find a solution here, there’s nowhere else to go.
It would just be nice, that’s all.