Things align sometimes and other times not... but nothing changes. Is this a bug?

I’m working on a project and on the Services page, in the “Services 3up” section: the section’s padding is not being taken into account, but sometimes it is if I switch the order of the boxes. On tablet view the boxes don’t center correctly, as the “Construction” box falls down about 40px, but not when I change the order.

What’s going on here? Can’t seem to find a solution to this on my own.


Any help is much appreciated.

Here is my public share link:

Hey @TriceWD I just took a look and it seems that the issue has been corrected?

For some reason, changing the background images of 2 of the boxes has corrected the issue on desktop view, but I’m seeing the “Construction” box about 40px out of place on tablet view.

Can you confirm?

Looks like you need to add the Float: Left function to “service holder” elements and then they behave correctly.

Floating left pushes all the boxes to the left. I’m trying to center them.

Is this possible?

I don’t have any margins at the top of these elements so I’m confused as to why it’s happening to one of them and not the others…

Hey @TriceWD what layout are you going for on Tablet? Stacking or not? I recommend using percentage based widths on elements when possible(then you can use percentage based margin as well to space things out evenly). :slight_smile:

I’m trying to have the first 2 boxes center on one line, then the third box center on the second line.

They all center correctly on desktop and mobile, but on tablet the “Construction” box falls down 40px for no reason. Obviously there is a reason, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

@TriceWD This did the trick on Tablet for me, be sure to then style the landscape & mobile widths. :slight_smile: Set the service holders to 48% width, float left, margin left/right is 1% & position relative. :slight_smile:

I will try that, thanks again Waldo! Crazy how you guys get back to most if not everyone in such a short time.

I do have another problem, although it’s not a big deal if you can’t tend to it.

When I turn the display to “None” for the “Mobile Menu” in the “Hero Banner” section on mobile view, it doesn’t go away in the editor. Is there a reason for this? It’s making it tough to work on these pages while it’s right in front of everything.

Thanks again for your help with the above, much appreciated!

Hey @TriceWD I’m happy to help :slight_smile: that’s some odd behavior, I’m looking into it now. For the time being you can set the element to sit right 100% and then you can work on the other content and move it back when you’re done.

I thought it was odd as I’ve used this method for menus on other projects with webflow and this has never happened.

Thanks again!

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