Published site and exported code do not look the same

I am working on a project that is published at

I have exported the code and uploaded it to

No code has been changed, but on the first page you land on (Home page) everything looks correct on the webflow published version (Please look at the service section with the 4 blocks) but on the exported version the 4th block in the service section falls to another row.

Been trying to use fixed and percentage widths but I keep coming across this bug. Everything looks fine on the tablet and mobile views, but I can’t figure out why this happens on the desktop view with the exported code.

Any help? @Waldo @cyberdave @thesergie

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Happy new year to you too! :smiley:

This guide may help you:

There’s nothing I hate more than someone sending a link to a guide instead of actually providing an answer to a problem because 99% of the time it’s just useless.

@PixelGeek, you are the 1%.

Floating and minifying both solved my issue. This guide and your time was much appreciated!

Thanks again.

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I totally understand the feeling of just getting a link rather than getting a straight answers.

But, when it comes to helping everyone out, we want to make sure that we help as many people as possible. If there is an issue that has been handled many times before, we document it so that way everyone benefits. Not just one person :wink:

In the off-chance that our documentation doesn’t answer the question, that’s when we rely on help from our team and our community to fix it ASAP :smile:

I’m glad our guide helped!

Happy new year and have fun! :smiley:

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