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There's got to be some native alternative to Embedly videos

As most of you are aware, Youtube videos are not working when linking through Webflow’s lightbox or videos. I know that there is also Vimeo but what an inconvenience it would be to have to request clients to create an account and transfer all their videos over to another service. How is it that there is a background video element that is hosted on Webflow but you can’t upload videos directly to the video element? Embedly has been addressing this issue for nearly two days now and yet nothing has been solved. What if this happens again? I’ve built an entire business around Webflow and this seems like a major issue. I’m actually at the tail end of trying to finish a website for a client now that relies heavily on video and this is a complete embarrassment to delay it because of an outside source that Webflow utilizes but has no control over. Very frustrated… Is a custom embed the only way at this point?

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Yes, and it offers more options to boot.