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The Website of NDXP Games, made with Webflow

Hello! I’m more than a year into Webflow and love the ease with which I’ve been able to create a website. Over a year ago, my husband and I began a new journey to make indie games. Along with that comes the creating and building of a website and social media.

I’d love for you to check out our website and let me know if you have any feedback on what you like and what can be improved (e.g. UI/UX, colors, formatting, etc). I’m always open to new ideas and thoughts so please take a moment to check it out! Thank you for your time!

Here’s a screenshot of the Games page:


Nice and simple (:

You may want to make the top texture repeat, for guys with big screens like mine:

Ohh, nice catch! Thanks for letting me know about that. The screenshot is a major help too. I smell an update… ha.

Very nice site. I love the simplicity of it! and the design just works - Great job!