The Webflow Merch Store: Colour Variant Tabs?!

Hi all!
The webflow merch store: has a lovely feature that I can’t replicate. Showing the color variants of a product as colored checkboxes below the product card images.

Even with the source code I can’t seem to get this to work…
What elements are used? Is this set up with conditional visibility?

I searched for cloneable examples in the showcase but couldn’t find any other store with this feature…

Thank you!

The tabs are static and there is a conditional visibility on each tab link

Thanks @pietrofalco, but how do I link the color options from my products & fetch the background colour for the radio boxes then?

They are not connected to that, they are staticly set, they have only always a max of 5-6 colors, and they are statically set there, and linked with switches

Okay. That makes sense to have it static but I’m still lost it seems. I know it’s a lot to ask, but could you please screenshot an example structure for me in the Navigator? thank you.

Hey @clemensposch!

Corey from the Brand team at Webflow here! We have had a couple of requests for how this was built so I put together a quick Loom and cloneable of it below, hope this helps!

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This is just perfect! Thank you so much Corey! Love that it is also built with accessibility in mind!