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The reason I joined this forum

…is because Support is poorly lacking here as it took 3 days to solve a simple issue. Didn’t hear from them in those 3 days & so I did some research on bootstrap which is where I might go since I only signed up for the monthly plan.

Also, another time I asked Support a questions 3 times on an issue, and didn’t get an answer.

I used to work at Nortel Networks as a CSR & was fast in solving problems. So when I get poor customer service, I immediately look elsewhere, so I’ll see how it goes in here.

Thx for your time.

Forum help can be hit or miss, but personally I have always had great assistance from sending e-mails. I haven’t seen a comparable product and I cut Webflow a little slack as I know they have an all-star team that is still growing. Good luck with whatever decision you make :wink:

thx sstraub, i’ll keep that in mind, spent too much time already trying to find out how to send someone a simple, private message, I’ve created forums, member of other forums, and never seen anything like this, thx again

I have never sent a private message, but I just clicked your name and it says private message right under it. Sometimes it’s the simple things that stump us :slight_smile: I also saw you had a question about a page deleting. It just are willing to, you can momentarily make your site public, then turn it off after a solution if found.

I have actually had the same experience. I have been a part of the webflow community for over a year now and previously I have never had an issue with support getting back to me in a very timely manner, let alone responses on here. Lately I have had it gone days and sometimes never hearing back from a support email. Luckily some of the people on here are good with answering issues but usually my questions are more complex and have to do with bugs and such. As a long time user, I try to get on here as often as I can and help the webflow guys out and answer any questions. It seems like they are working on something big that is taking up their time. Hey webflow guys, if you need another support guy, I’m here to help with some of the more fundamental things!

I hope you hear back from them soon

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That sounds like an offer they shouldn’t refuse @DFink.

And @ecweb, if the support doesn’t work and possible solutions don’t work. Why not ask the forum what you really want to know?

thanks for sharing that DFink. Think I’ll just come here rather than support since they take so long. One time I got replies instantly, but rather come here methinks. Here’s something I can’t do - can’t re-name Navbar titles. I can re-name at the Navbar, but it’s one of those Navbar scroll things: when it scrolls down to another Section, the names are what were on the Template I bought. I look on Style, Settings & Navigator and can’t see how to change them. Do you know how? thx!

Thats because they are 2 different navbars. Go into your navigator pane and you should see 2 navbar elements. In some templates one will be called navbar, while the other is navbar-scroll. What you need to do is select the one that is not visible and go into the styles pane and change it from display:none to display:block under the display settings at the top. This will allow you to see and edit that element. Then before you publish just set it back to display none. Hope that helps.

Says Editing Instances is disabled

…for both that is: “Editing Instances is disabled” in Navbar & Navbar Scroll - when I select Settings both say: “For-in-page linking”. Tag says: Div


Hi all, we apologize that our support responses in the past month have not been as timely as in past months. That is on us, and our job to make that better. We are working to correct that by implementing new support procedures within Webflow.

We have created a new support guidelines article, that should help when having issues, to know what kinds of information is helpful to resolve the issue.

Design topics should be directed to the forums first, and if you have not received a reply on your request within 24-48 hours, then send us an email at That is a general rule of thumb, however if you have an urgent request or have found a bug, or you are not sure, we want to help. Send us an email to our support desk, and we will help you as quickly as possible.

You can always send myself or anyone else on the Webflow team a direct private message by clicking on our name in the forum and clicking on the Private Message button. Sending a private message will notify us of the request.

We are working hard to improve the support and we appreciate your feedback. We are always here to help :smile:

Cheers, Dave

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thx cd - slow your videos down & update them as the interface is different when they were made, so they’re a tad confusing